Labor Unions & Workers' Rights

Defending Labor Unions

  • Increase penalties for labor violations
  • Hold executives personally liable for interfering in union organizing
  • Ban “Right to Work” Opt-outs – Protect the Right To Organize Act
  • Ban mandatory arbitration clauses
  • Ban noncompete clauses from labor contracts

Fair Rules for Working Americans

  • Stiffen penalties against companies that miscategorize full time workers as independent contractors
  • Allow independent contractors & gig workers to organize
  • Allow Sectorial Bargaining for low-wage workers
  • Support the Workers Dividend Act, Schedules That Work Act, and Paycheck Fairness Act

Expand Family & Medical Leave

  • Guarantee all workers 7 days paid sick leave
  • Guarantee all workers non-gendered 12 weeks paid leave to care for newborns or ailing family members

Expand Existing Labor Projects to Domestic Workers

  • Provide domestic workers with paid time off, privacy protection, and written contracts of employment

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