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After seeing that our elected officials are not representing the people that elected them, and the need to fix a broken Washington DC, Sammy Ravelo has decided to continue to serve and run for the people of Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon and North East Bronx.



We need to fix our broken immigration system.  For decades, politicians have tried to pass comprehensive immigration reform, but have failed time and time again. With a broken Washington DC,  career politicians constantly fail to reach any kind of agreement leaving millions suffering from Washington's ineptitude.

With over 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States, among them 3.6 million that entered before their 18th birthday and who know no home other than America just like Sammy was in his teenage years, creating a pathway to legal status and citizenship is the way forward.

Sammy call to end this administration's policy of separating families and adopting an accountability and transparency system that treats all immigrants is a humane manner with dignity and respect for all.  Learn More >


Veteran Rights

This country must live up to its promise to those that gave fought for its ideals. My fellow veteran brothers and sisters have fought wars for over the last decade and under questionable intelligence just to come back and see that this country does appropriately fund the Veteran’s Administration. The bureaucracy that has plagued the VA for decades must end.  Learn More >


A country that ensures that its citizens are well educated is a country that is ensuring its prosperity for centuries to come. Education is the bedrock to a civil society and government plays a role that all its citizens are receiving a quality education.

Sammy believes that this country needs a world class Pre-K to 12 and post secondary education that does not bankrupt young Americans before they enter the workforce. The student loan crisis is the next economic bubble if its not addressed as soon as possible.

Sammy Ravelo call for investing in free trade schools and public college tuition to qualified individuals.  Learn More >


Climate Change

According to the National Climate Assessment, human influences are the number one cause of global warming, especially the carbon pollution we cause by burning fossil fuels and the pollution-capturing we prevent by destroying forests. It’s time to get smart about investing in a robust renewable energy economy so that we can protect our planet while creating jobs and opportunity in the process. Climate change is real and is a clear and present danger to our planet.

We need to build a new energy grid and rid ourselves of pollutants like coal, oil, and start investing more in renewable energy like sun and wind. Sammy believes that by doing so America will create millions of jobs and maintain an economic edge with other develop countries that are shifting to green energy.

Sammy supports an economy that is built around protecting the environment and lead in this issue. The increasing number of droughts, intense storms, and floods we're seeing as our warming atmosphere holds—and then dumps—more moisture poses risks to public health and safety, and it  is becoming a National Security issue if not addressed now. Learn More >


Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Affordable health insurance that covers all pre-existing conditions—no matter who you are is a right that all Americans should have. The richest country in the history of the world should provide free healthcare to all its citizens. 

Sammy believes that big pharma is one of the leading causes of skyrocket insurance premiums and should be held accountable. Learn More >


Foreign Policy

The current administration has made America weak. Our traditional allies are leery and no longer trust that we will follow our commitments. Sammy believes that the White House has not been accountable by the current members of congress. America must return to being the moral leader that multiple administrations fought hard to maintain for over 75 years. The alliances that were built such as NATO are under threat. Our troops deserve leaders that have their lives and well being in mind when implementing policy.


China has the world’s fastest and largest high-speed rail network — more than 19,000 miles, the vast majority of which was built in the past decade. The US has fallen behind. Sammy believes that a serious investment in our fallen infrastructure system inclined roads and bridges will not only help compete with other developed nations in the 21st century it will create millions of jobs. Learn More >

Women Rights

Legislation restricting a woman right to chose are popping all over the United States. There is a concerted effort to restrict a woman Reproductive rights. Sammy supports ending the Hyde Amendment, protect Title X funding and Planned Parenthood, and guarantee access to reproductive health care nationwide.

Gun Control

Sammy knows that current gun laws are failing: they are not sufficiently protecting Americans and their communities specially communities of color. When violence in these communities rise,  it is minority kids that are the ones at the end of that violent attack. As a 25 year veteran of the New York Police Department, Sammy has witnessed first hand how gun violence continues to destroy families and endanger neighborhoods. Illegal firearms in the hands of irresponsible actors are a threat to law enforcement as well. Many officers have died at the hands of perpetrators possessing illegal guns. America can protect gun rights and balance the Second Amendment with sensible Gun laws. These laws should be enacted that can protect families and at the same time protect the rights of responsible gun owners.  congress, Sammy will work hard to make sure that universal background checks along with mental health requirements are part of a package legislation that can solve the gun violence problem. Learn More >


Taking Money out of Politics

Our democracy is fixed! Those that have money have a bigger say in what happens in our democracy. One corporation equals the voices of millions of ordinary folks. Billionaires have more power than all the folks that work for them combine. It is time to end this. Sammy supports a constitutional amendment that eliminates corporate money out of our elections.  Government should work for the interests of ordinary Americans, not corporations and special interests.




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