Infrastructure & Transportation

New York is one of ten states that pay more in Federal taxes than they receive in federal expenditures. In fact, New York’s negative balance of payments is the worst of any State – a whopping $35.5 Billion. We will work to increase federal funding to address vital infrastructure needs in the heart of the nation’s economic engine

Getting New York Its Due

  • Amtrak repairs & upgrades for Hudson River crossing
  • NYC bridge & tunnel repairs
  • Repair and improve the New York City Subway System
  • Storm resiliency infrastructure projects

Guarantee Clean & Safe Drinking Water

  • Increase Federal funding to state & local water systems
  • Re-institute Clean Water Rule

Build Clean & Green

  • Re-fund and expand the Transportation Alternatives Programs to build zero-emission transportation options for commuters including bike lanes and walking paths to improve access to existing commuter and metro transit system
  • Establish a Green Infrastructure Fund to finance an overhaul of America’s infrastructure to include expanded high-speed rail, electric vehicle charging stations, and upgrades & expansions to public transportation systems.

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