End the DACA Quagmire

  • Protect DACA recipients and DREAMERS with unconditional permanent residency
  • Allow DACA recipients to receive U.S. Citizenship upon application
  • Expand DACA status and applicability to anyone who entered under the age of 18 in any year

Welcome the New Generation of American Immigrants

  • Create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented residents currently living in U.S. pending a felony background check
  • Rollback Trump Administration reductions on refugee quotas
  • Recognize that every wave of immigrants throughout our history have contributed to building the success of the United States

End the Humanitarian Crisis at Our Southern Border

  • End Trump Administration Family Separation & Adoption policies immediately
  • End indefinite detentions at border
  • Defund the ineffectual and incomplete Border Wall
  • Redirect Border Wall funding to legitimate border-related law enforcement priorities including drug and human trafficking interdiction

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