Gun Control

A Safe, Sensible Second Amendment

  • Ban assault-style weapons
  • Ban high capacity magazines
  • Protect the rights of gun owners to own rifles, shotguns, and handguns for hunting, sport, and home protection.

Keep Guns out of Unsafe Hands

  • End the “Boyfriend Loophole” – Prevent all domestic abusers from purchasing a firearm
  • Provide grants to enable States to develop and implement Red Flag Laws
  • Provide grants to enables States to operate voluntary buyback programs
  • Mandate Universal Background Checks
  • Mandate gun licensing minimum requirements to include a completed FBI background check, fingerprint placed on fire, and verified completion of a certified weapons safety course.
  • Work with states to set up and integrate firearm registries
  • Increase Federal funding into gun violence research
  • Provide Federal funding to research implementation of “Smart Gun” requirements
  • End legal protections for gun companies who are negligent in controlling gun violence

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