Provide National Leadership to Ensure Top-Quality K-12 Education to All Americans

  • Quadruple K-12 Federal Funding for low-income districts
  • Increased Federal Funding for Desegregation
  • Introduce Inclusive Housing Zoning to increase federal affordable housing funding within well-funded school districts
  • Increase Federal funding for K-12 Special Education
  • Increase Federal funding for K-12 bilingual programs
  • Increase Federal funding for K-12 Mental Health services
  • Increase Federal funding for after school tutoring programs for low-income families
  • Provide funding to increase teacher salary in poorest districts
  • Incentivize Federal Grants to be awarded to States with the most equal funding levels of School Districts of all income levels
  • Increase Federal funding for magnet schools that attract high level of student body from low-Income zip codes
  • Ban for-profit Charter Schools
  • End Federal Funding for new Charter Schools
  • End correlation between standardized testing results & federal funding levels
  • Federal Grants for underfunded schools for Computer Science & STEM equipment and qualified teachers so that all students graduate with technical proficiency and basic coding skills

Expand Access to Affordable Higher Education

  • Expand Pell Grants to ensure low and middle income students are not required to assume unaffordable levels of debt to attend public universities and colleges
  • Work with educators, authors, educational institutions, and publishers to reduce the costs of textbooks
  • Incentivize private funding of college and vocational scholarships for low income families by providing federal tax credits for deductible contributions to scholarship funds, matched dollar for dollar by the Federal Government

Provide Relief for the Student Debt Crisis

  • Allow for the re-financing of student debt at subsidized reduced rates
  • Debt forgiveness for public servants, clergy, and select care providers
  • Reduce or eliminate some student debt based on post-graduation income rates

Expand Access to Vocational & Training Programs for All Adults

  • Expand access for federal grants to accredited community colleges to provide career & technical education programs to all adults. Create an affordable avenue for mid-career adults to gain the training they need to adapt to a new career in the 21st Century workplace.

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