Climate Change

We must act urgently to confront the costly challenges of climate change and to drastically limit greenhouse emissions to mitigate the damage to come. No issue presents as many major concerns to our future as a nation and a species as climate change. Climate change is a not simply an environmental issue: Climate Change is a national security issue. Climate change is an inequality issue. Climate change is a health & nutrition issue. Climate Change is an infrastructure issue. Climate change is the defining issue of our time and of our children’s lifetime. To safeguard our nation and our planet we must urgently embark on a comprehensive and unprecedented program of innovation and determination – a 21st Century Moonshot.  

Massive New Investments in Research & Development

  • Usher in a new energy of clean & safe nuclear energy by funding research, conversion, & implementation of safe Thorium based nuclear power plants
  • Construct cost-efficient and safer Small Modular Reactor nuclear plants
  • Increase federal funding for infrastructure projects designed to mitigate the effects of climate change including flood walls and the relocation of vital infrastructure like power plants and hospitals to flood-safe locations.
  • Provide $30 Billion in new funding for ARPA-E & EERE to improve and develop technologies that will transform industry with new innovations such as zero-emission concrete production, reduction of agricultural emissions, the scaling of Green Tech to fully operational commercial scope, and technologies that will speed the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy sources in homes and businesses.
  • Develop a national SMART Grid
  • Expand USDA Conservation programs for agricultural producers
  • Invest in research for a campaign called the Regis Initiative – an acronym that stands for:

    Raising   Eating   Growing   Inventing   Sustaining

    and are set of policy changes which are the hallmark of a new culture for agricultural sustainability should be the goal to make hydroponics, vertical farming, and ecological farming more efficient and cost-effective. 

Export American Green Tech to the World

  • Provide Federal subsidies to American business with proven emissions reducing technologies and practices to allow those businesses to scale their services to a global clientele

Aggressive New Emission Standards

  • Re-institute California Waiver for Vehicle Emissions Standards
  • Zero-Emissions Standard for new vehicles by 2030
  • Zero Emissions Standard for new building construction by 2035

Impose a Carbon Tax on Polluters

  • Institute a Carbon Tax on large emitters of $30/ton, increasing $5/ton annually
  • Provide taxpayers with a Carbon Dividend to offset potential increased costs of energy
  • Set-up a Cap-And-Trade system for greenhouse emissions by industrial operations

Restructure Government Programs

  • Increase Defense Department funding to specifically allow energy efficient retrofits of DoD properties and operations
  • Refocus federal housing expenditures to prioritize building denser living areas and low emission construction.

Incorporate Emissions Reduction into Foreign Policy

  • Re-enter the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Institute a Carbon Tariff on imported goods made by heavy polluters
  • Incentivize trade with foreign nations that have made sufficient cuts in their own emissions

End Heavy Polluting Industry on Federal Lands

  • End Offshore Drilling
  • End new oil and gas leases on federal land
  • Ban “Fracking”

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