Campaign Finance Reform

Too many of our elected leaders govern according to the wishes of high dollar donors, corporate interests, and other Washington insiders. The people who put our leaders in office are left out of the conversation. Our campaign wants to return power to the American people and make the voice of the people heard in Washington. This begins with passing legislation to enact sweeping electoral and campaign finance reform with the following goals:

Public Funding of Federal Elections

  • Enact 6:1 federally financed matching funds for contributions under $200 made to Congressional campaigns

Limit Unregulated Digital Advertisement Spending

  • Create a public database for digital ad buys totaling over $500
  • Ban foreign individuals from purchasing digital ads

Increase Transparency

  • Mandate disclosure of Presidential Inaugural Committee expenditures

Reform the Federal Election Commission

  • End gridlock at the FEC by reducing the number of Committee Members from six to five

End Secret Money Groups

  • Mandate donor disclosures for 501(c)(4) organizations

Democracy Dollars

  • Every American gets $100 a year to give to candidates. Giving the people the power to be able to contribute to campaigns will force candidates to hear the voices of those that are never part of the conversation. It return the power to regular citizens and not big donors and corporations. 


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